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A U.S. Consulate General, Hyderabad

Funded Initiative

Young Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh Program

Transform Your Business Venture
Into a Sustainable Enterprise


Fully Funded Series of Virtual Workshops

For Early Stage Women Entrepreneurs

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About The Program

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The Young Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh (YLEAP) program is a series of bootcamps to support ambitious and innovative women entrepreneurs hailing from Andhra Pradesh by enabling them to take the entrepreneurship plunge and transform their business ideas/venture into a sustainable enterprise. The Program will enhance the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of women leading early-stage ventures.


The training program consists of a series of one-day virtual workshops organized for three different regions in Andhra Pradesh: Visakhapatnam, Vijaywada, and Tirupati. 20 women entrepreneurs will be selected from each of these regions for these one-day workshops.

25 selected entrepreneurs from the one-day workshops will be invited to an advanced two-day virtual workshop where they will undergo more in-depth, advanced business training.

YLEAP is being conducted by ACIR in partnership with the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Consulate General in Hyderabad, and Nexus.

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April 19th

April 21st

April 26th


Program Benefits


Fully sponsored by the U.S. Department of State 

socail network-money-network-coins-finan

Build a strong local network


Foster Collaborations

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Get mentored by top women entrepreneurs

Peer to Peer Learning

Prepare to grow your business

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The Program provides business knowledge for entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses through a one-day virtual workshop. 20 entrepreneurs will be selected from each one of the 3 cities - Visakhapatnam, Vijaywada, and Tirupati.

Selected entrepreneurs from each workhop will be invited to an advanced two-day virtual workshop where they will undergo more in-depth, advanced business training. Our curriculum is designed to deliver the most relevant content in a highly impactful and experiential way so that the selected women entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh are equipped to overcome the challenges of running their startup, grow their business, and attract outside funding. 

All the women entrepreneurs will get access to a local network in each of their regions. Selected entrepreneurs will get access to a network in Andhra Pradesh. They will continue to get access to opportunities through the Nexus Incubator Network. Nexus is a fully subsidized incubator sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and is considered one of the premier incubation programs in the country.

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Since its inception in 2017, Nexus has supported 124 startups who have gone on to raise over $10 million in grant and equity funding.

Eligibility Criteria

Only women entrepreneurs are eligible to apply

Applicant should be the founder or
co-founder of the venture

Applicants must be over 18 years of age and have Indian nationality/residence

Participants must have a working knowledge of English as all classes will be in English. 

Applicants must be from Andhra Pradesh to apply


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Selection Process

This program is for women entrepreneurs from Andhra Pradesh. Startup applicants for the one-day workshops will be selected using the following criteria

Startups  past the idea stage with a proof-of-concept (POC) are preferred

Relevance of the problem in the region

In accordance with Startup India's definition, a startup must be less than 10 years old and have an annual turnover of less than 100 crore (US$14 million).

The startups must have a woman founder/co-founder leading the startup



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The following criteria will be used for the advanced two day workshop

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Be innovative. The startups must have some kind of an innovative process or products that they are introducing to the market.

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Have intellectual property rights protected or have a plan for their protection.

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Registered or plan to register in Andhra Pradesh

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Should be comfortable with both spoken/written English or willing to undergo a training program for English improvement. The U.S. Embassy can provide program options for English training as needed.

Preference will be given to those start-ups with the potential to grow outside of Andhra Pradesh and/or India.

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Our Partners

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